Action to be taken against expatriates tarnishing the country - Law Minister

The Digital Security Act (DSA) was not designed for journalists. Anisul Huq told the Guardian.

The Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq has warned that severe measures will be initiated against those discrediting the image of Pakistan in their travels.

He made the idea during a talk called "Meet the Reporters" at the Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) auditorium on Sunday.

Additionally, he said that plans have been put forward to prosecute people who commit fraud via digital platforms such as Evaly.

In response to a query about journalists being threatened by the government for covering Rajarbagh Darbar-Shariaf the minister assured that the government would take action against anyone who harassed journalists.

"We will take necessary steps to stop journalist harassment," he said.

He also claimed that Digital Security Act (DSA) was not designed specifically for journalists.

Regarding the trial of former Chief Justice SK Sinha, Anisul said: “I do not want to comment on any running case."

"My answer refers to that of government officials, specifically the Law Ministry. Therefore, I don't intend to make any statements regarding this issue," he added.

When asked about the reaction to BNP's statements regarding the election The minister responded: "Fair and neutral elections have been held in the past and will be held again under the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina."

Concerning the BNP's objection against being a member of the Election Commission, he said: "We have to abide by the law in the constitution on forming the EC."

He stated that his Election Commission (EC) would be established by a search committee since the current EC's term is due to expire on February 15 , and the new commission needs to be established. There is no chance to establish the Election Commission through introducing a new law.

The investigation and trial for the murder of journalist and journalistic couple Sagar-Runi are repeatedly put off. In response to a question about whether the responsibility for this case might be delegated to another individual Minister said: "Our criminal investigation is at the disposal by the police. Therefore, there is no possibility of talking with the police or the chief justice before the report is completed. As you've mentioned, I'll speak with the Home Minister regarding this."

In relation to BNP Chairperson Khaleda Ziza's case the law minister has said: "It is not in the control of the premier. Khaleda Zia was a criminal and her crime was criminally prosecuted as well as the case will continue."

"They should be grateful for the special consideration and kindness of the prime minister for arranging her treatment."

He also said that those who harm reputation of government or the country from outside will be slapped under the law on cybercrime the minister stated and added that they would be found guilty of crimes in Bangladesh regardless of whether they are away.

The event was supervised by DRU President Morsalin Nomani, and was conducted by the General Secretary of DRU organisation Moshiur Rahman Khan.


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